Beginning at 9:00 am Saturday May 7th and every Saturday while weather permits, slow walkers and slow runners will meet at Burlington Senior Center, 201 N Main St in Burlington. Participants will have a brief meeting to include warm ups, then walkers and runners will begin to stroll or jog through the nearby parks and trails. Now is the time to get out your walking shoes and/or running shoes to prepare for the fun Saturday morning activity. Burlington Footwear has agreed to help the SILVER FOX WALK/RUN CLUB by advertising in the BSC NEWS and offering senior discounts on walking and running shoes. Refer to the Burlington Footwear ad in the BSC NEWS for details.

Update: Silver Fox Walk/Run Club has been suspended until further notice.

Slow Walkers Club Begins

Beginning Saturday June 5th at 9am, the Slow Walkers Club will meet for the first time. This group will participate in a slow, casual walk on the beautiful downtown Chocolate City trail. Healthy refreshments will be served at the end of the walk.

For more details, please call BSC at 262-767-9880.

Update: Slow Walkers Club will resume in the Spring. Check back for updates.