Become a Friend of Burlington Senior Center

Burlington Senior Center depends on the generous contributions of people who willingly give their time, talents, gifts and monies. If you would like to help BSC, please download our donation form and mail your donation to your friends at BSC.

Friends of the Burlington Senior Center

Please check out the following friends of the Burlington Senior Center, support from these businesses and agencies make the Burlington Senior Center website and BSC News possible.

The following individuals have donated monies or wishlist requests to the Burlington Senior Center to help offset our expenses.

  • Anonymous Donor (7)
  • Don & Carol Bauer
  • Don & Carol Boettcher
  • Frank & Francis Bogyos
  • Jack & Carol Coleman
  • Millie & Jim Cramer
  • Don Desch
  • Alton Erickson
  • Arlyce Feibelkorn
  • Maureen Goodfellow
  • Scott Hoffman
  • Glady Hoffman
  • Wayne L. Jenson
  • Bob Kaout
  • Jackie Kastengren
  • Marie Kerkman
  • William & Marcia Large
  • Mark Lois
  • Mary Lois
  • Mary Ann Madzinski
  • Marie Mangiapane
  • S. Meyer
  • Blanche Moelle
  • Elizabeth Park
  • Terri Peterson
  • L. Rasmussen
  • Ruth Richmond
  • Mary Ann Robel
  • Janet Savin
  • Richard and Joan Schterle
  • Dianne J Shepard
  • J.B. Sherrill
  • Judy Stelmachowski
  • Verle Swenson
  • Connie Wilson
  • April Wutke
  • Kris Jekel